Four Paws started in 2011 with just a few walks. However, one of our regular owners asked if we would consider having their dog for the day as they didn’t want to leave him at home for long periods of time.  We hadn’t really thought about that before but it didn’t take us long to decide it would be a great idea. Originally, although we wanted something to suit family life, our idea had come from seeing a friend having to go back to work and therefore have to rehome her dog as she had no other options. We knew that there would be other people in the same situation and felt that providing a walking or let out option would surely have to save people from having to rehome their beloved pets.

As Four Paws grew we saw a such a rise in the amount of daycare we were being asked for. So, we decided to go with it and open up our doors to doggy daycare.

We both love playing and cuddling with everyone, so much so we often find that we don’t have enough hands!

Every day we see that socialisation for dogs is so important. So many owners have seen such a difference in their dogs since coming to us for daycare, even dogs that aren’t always social have surprised us. We feel it makes such a difference and really tires them out.

Holiday boarding then followed and we have been able to offer a home environment for the dogs to stay in which again seems to have helped with socialisation and makes holidays or weekends away less stressful for both dog and owner.


Four Paws is a personal and also a professional business. We are fully insured and Four Paws is also licensed by Tendring District Council.  License number 18/06524/LIABE

My name is Mandy and I have grown up with lots of animals including ponies, chickens, rabbits and various other small animals and birds. However, most of my time was spent with dogs. My parents were breeders so dogs were very much my passion from a very early age and a big part of my life. I've always lived in Essex and moved to Tendring in 2004, where I live with my husband and two children. Previously I have worked in banking and care work. But as my children have gotten older I felt I needed to try something new, also something  that fitted around them. Working from home and with animals works perfectly.


I are currently own a Rottweiler called Tess.  Previously we had Ben, a Leonberger and Suggs, a Lhasa Apso, both unfortunately passed away a few years ago now, but they were the reason we decided to use "Big and Small we care for them all" as our motto. 


I have completed a Canine First Aid certificate, a Level 3 Dog Behaviour diploma and a Complete Canine Care Diploma.

Four Paws was originally set up by myself and Helen.  Sadly due to ill health Helen had to take 'early retirement' from Four Paws in April 2017.  Mandy will continue with Four Paws for Doggy Daycare and Holiday Boarding.